Monday, September 29, 2014


Windsor Tournament October 24-26

Fresh off our annihilation in the Cross Border Challenge, with a sinister smirk, the carrot has once again been dangled tantalizing in front of our faces as Windsor host their annual ‘Fall Down Classic’. And just like the Wile E. Coyote who cannot stop himself from chasing the Road Runner no matter how disastrous his previous infinite attempts have been, we can’t (shouldn’t) resist the opportunity to have a stab at glory.

Our chances are somewhat better than the Coyote’s, as there have been some DAC winners in Windsor over the years. Plus, unless you have a racquet manufactured by a company called “ACME”, it shouldn’t blow up in your face, strangle you, slam you into a wall, or throw you off a mile high cliff. Hopefully, it will simply hit the ball … within those red lines.

If you are keen to improve your squash, then it is imperative that you do not miss out on events like these. There are not a lot of tournaments available to us in Detroit, so you should take advantage when you can. Playing matches outside of the DAC walls, on courts you aren’t used to, against people who don’t know you and simply want to take you to task, is an experience you won’t get any other way. Learn how to handle such conditions, learn what it takes to win under pressure and what is expected of you. Simply put: Toughen up.

And to compete successfully in Windsor is tough. Their categories are A (5.0+); B (4.0 – 4.9); C (3.1 – 3.9); D (3.0 and lower); 40+; 50+; Women’s A; Women’s B; Doubles A, B and mixed. Because of a wider range of players within each category, you will need to be ready to work extra hard and push yourself. It will be challenging, but as I mentioned above, it is a vital practice for everybody. There will also be an Open category where I will be playing.

Click on the poster to see all the details and how to enter. Registration deadline is October 13. You will need to register directly with Windsor. If you are on the fence, let me push you off it… do it.

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