Thursday, October 2, 2014


Boasters League round 1~~

And awaaaay we go! With a record 153 participants, the league has once again reached record numbers. A huge boost has come from the higher level players of the club who have decided to jump in and join the fray. It is fantastic for the membership that the club’s best are getting involved. Many of them have also joined the box ladders (which has reached record numbers as well of 170 players this month). Over 50 players in this season’s boasters league are new, which is tremendous – but it did cause a rather large headache when I had to rank them… a good problem to have.

Round one last was a rather busy affair. Taking the early lead on the standings is “Butter Nutz”, the 2-time reigning boasters league champions, clearly looking for the 3-peat. Of course it’s way too early to predict anything at this stage, and the teams are tightly bunched together. Consistency will be the key, and much emphasis has been placed on the pro-active approach of the team captains motivating and communicating with the players. “The Nicker Ballers” had the bye for week 1, hence the zero points.

Close matches were abound yesterday – in fact about 70% of the results so far have ended up 2-1. New member Chris Webber (no, not the basketball player!) took down Justin Winkelman 2-1 in his debut; Joe Moran (“Space Geckos”) was very worried when he met his opponent Seth Helfman (“ViVio’s”) seeing how young, lean and fit he appeared. Joe’s advantage was experience however, and he had just enough of it to take the 2-1 victory; Ryan Gannon (“Winky-Dinks”) also managed a victory in his first ever league match with a tight 2-1 win over Lauren Kirchner (“Nick at Night”); and Steve Murphy (“Wardogs”) pulled out a 2-1 triumph over the speedy Brian Schrage (“Foss Nation” in their opener.

Like always, there is much rearranging and already plenty of matches need to be completed. Make sure you don’t wait long to get these done – they will pile up very quickly. Your captains should be bugging you to play them so if you don’t want to be nagged, get on the court!

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