Friday, November 21, 2014


Hops Challenge – December 10

I know that we have all been spoiled rotten the past couple of years with the professional exhibition put on by our dear friends David Palmer and Thierry Lincou for this event. However, one of the best (if not the best) matches that we witnessed in last season had nothing to professionals, but was performed in the Club Championship final between Jed Elley and Peter Logan.

The two went 5 games, three of them to tie-break, including the 5th that fell 12-10 in Jed’s favor. So, in an attempt to repeat the past, we’ll have them play again for something even more important that DAC immortality… BEER!! No one plays harder when this precious item is on the line and I’m sure they’ll stop at absolutely nothing to claim the prize of not having to pay for the keg – the keg that everyone else will get to drink for free!

Before we witness such squash glory, you can register to play a match yourself. Whet your appetite by playing a best of 5 match against a tough opponent that I will arrange, and once you’ve sweat yourself thirsty, grab a cold one, a vantage point, and get ready for the action!

 Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmbllllllllle!!

In the right corner, weighing in at a misleadingly flimsy 140 pounds soaking wet, rumored to have found the ‘fountain of youth’ and to be a direct descendant of Methuselah, originally from Grosse Pointe but feels more at home in the wild, coming in with a 2014 record of 2-2 but a life-time record of ‘a lot’-‘a lot less’, the zippy little hippie, the impossibility of durability, PETER – I-have-never-owned-a-razor – LOGAN!!


In the left corner, weighing in at 165 pounds (or a tad more after a long weekend with the boys), very fond of mixing in with those boys in scrums playing ‘hot potato’ (or “rugby” as it’s commonly referred to), originally from the vast expanses of the migrating wildebeests of South Africa, coming in with an impressive and perfect 2014 record of 8-0, the veracity of tenacity, the teeth gritter hard hitter, JED – there’s- never-been-a-beer-I’ve-turned-down – ELLEY!!

Peter has won the DAC Club Championship multiple times, and Jed is our current title holder. We should be in for a real treat. Not only will the keg be on the line, but for these two, almost more importantly, so will their pride!

If you wish to play a match of your own before the final showdown, make sure you register by Monday, December 8. We can take a maximum of 32 players; matches will start around 4pm. Even if you don’t / can’t play, I suggest you come anyway, drink their beer and cheer on the lads. Enjoy the atmosphere – it will be brilliant!

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