Thursday, November 13, 2014


Boasters League round 7~~

As predicted, with their bye week, “Mongoose” dropped out of first place. Picking up a paltry 9 points in makeup matches over the week, they are lucky to be holding onto 3rd place now, just 1 point ahead of “Winky-Dinks” and only 5 ahead of the surging “Wardogs”. Taking full advantage of that was the “Space Geckos” who accumulated a whopping 43 points during the week and are now 12 points clear atop of the standings.

Their work, however, is far from over. “Butter Nutz” is on their heels and “Space Geckos” only have one more round to play before they sit on the sidelines for the final week and watch everyone else catch up. But, if “Space Geckos” continue to get matches in like they have for the past 7 days, it should be a photo finish with “Butter Nutz” to see who takes the first half glory. Bonus points may be a factor, and for now, “Butter Nutz” holds that advantage. For a second week running, they picked up 13 bonus points – no other team has picked up more than 12 all season.

Wardogs” have also given their chances a boost picking up a 3rd best 35 points for the week, and are now in 5th position. They will most certainly leapfrog “Winky-Dinks” next week who have the bye for round 8. Still lingering in last place is “Foss Nation”. They are falling further behind each week, and with only 3 matches played so far for round 7, they aren’t doing themselves any favors.

Plenty of activity last night, shout-outs go to: Mike Petix (“Winky-Dinks”) for his 2-1 win over Chris Van Tol (“Space Geckos”); Jim Stroh (“Nick at Night”) scored his third 2-1 win of the half against “Wardogs” captain Paul Ward; Steve Murphy (“Wardogs”) also collected his third 2-1 victory with a tough struggle against Chip McDaniel (“Nick at Night”) who takes his third 2-1 loss; and John Perkins (“Butter Nutz”) proved a little too steady for Kevin Prather (“The Nicker Ballers”) and remains undefeated with his 2-1 score line.

With 2 rounds to go, and three weeks to play them in, a lot can change. “Space Geckos” seem to have the momentum and are making a charge, “Butter Nutz” will not be shaken, and “Wardogs” are on the war path. Nor can you count out “Mongoose”. Will “The Nicker Ballers” put themselves into to equation? “Space Geckos” and “Mongoose” play each other next week which may help both teams since they are likely to turn up in healthy numbers. “Butter Nutz” have to convince “Foss Nation” to get on court, as do “Wardogs” with “Vivio’s”. The race is on.

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