Thursday, November 20, 2014


Boasters League round 8~~

So it’s really turned into a two-horse race leading into the final round of the first half. “Space Geckos” lead the “Butter Nutz” by 14 points which sounds like a solid buffer, but they have the unenviable ‘reward’ of having to sit out the last round. “Butter Nutz” will no doubt make that up easily. The good news for the “Space Geckos” is that they have two weeks to get in as many make-up matches as possible. They have been doing well in that category, but with Thanksgiving in the mix, the task will be made more difficult.

The “Wardogs” have given themselves an outside chance of taking top spot by picking up a week’s best 35 points and are within arm’s reach of the top two teams. They will need to push very hard to overtake them though, I am sure their team captains are already e-mailing their players to get on court! Strangely though, the “Wardogs” – who played against “Vivio’s” yesterday – did not play a single match all evening. They picked up some bonus points and had 3 results come in early, but between the 2 teams only 9 players turned up – both “Space Geckos” and “Butter Nutz” had more representation than that on their own.

The “Wardogs” and “Butter Nutz” coincidentally have to play each other in round 9. Does that help or hurt?

The team trying to avoid ending up last (or are they?) is “Foss Nation”. They will need a season best performance in round 9 to avoid that dubious honor as – like last week – they remain 13 points behind 8th position. They actually play that team in round 9 (“Nick at Night”) so it is a very good opportunity to catch up. If, of course, they can get on court.

Activity last night was low, not helped by the wonderful weather we are getting. Who doesn’t want snow in November? Buffalo? From those who did brave the wintery blast, here a couple of noteworthy results: Kelly Smythe (“The Nicker Ballers”) scored her second win of the season in a not-so-easy 2-1 victory over Lauren Kirchner (“Nick at Night”). It’s great to see more women getting involved in the program. That being said, I have to mention Liz McClure (“Butter Nutz”) who beat Peter Fromm (“Foss Nation”) 2-1. Liz has only dropped one match so far and leads the “Butter Nutz” in points. Sante is no doubt very proud.

Speaking of Sante, he missed out on his chance to display his fashion prowess against Andy Adamo (“Foss Nation”). His planned stripping of his winning boasters league shirts after each game (he had them all on at once) couldn’t come to fruition as Andy had to retire injured after the first game. We wish Andy a full and quick recovery, and we look forward to their next encounter and Sante’s ‘vogue’ statement.

So next week is off as we for some reason celebrate a strange holiday that involves turkeys and pumpkin pie and football (?). It’s a great time to get matches in. The standings by the time round 9 even starts may be drastically different to what they are now.

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