Thursday, October 22, 2015


Boasters League round 3~~

Another good showing for league night, another caning of the keg, and the Boasters League standings have tightened up tremendously at the top. Only 4 points separate the leading 4 teams, with the Space Geckos still sitting high with the best view – even though they have the same amount of points as the Winky-Dinks – because of their league leading 41 bonus points.

Fire Birds gained the most ground on the ladder this week moving from 5th position last week – and 17 points back of the Space Geckos – to 3rd spot this week and only trailing the leaders by 3 points. That can be attributed to completing 10 matches of round 3 so far and winning 8 of them. Those wins also just happen to be at the expense of the Space Geckos. And not forgetting the Winky-Dinks, who should be applauded for all the make-up matches they completed in the past 7 days, and overall a league best 41 point boost.

The biggest step backwards was made by the Butter Nutz. Yes, they had the bye week, but they only reported 1 point in make-up matches over the week, and have plummeted from 2nd on the standings to 7th. Paddy’s Dropshots dropped to 8th place, even though they haven’t yet had the bye week, already behind 2 teams that have. They need to step it up. Foss Nation didn’t help themselves either with only picking up 17 points so far in week 3, the lowest total of all the teams, and the least amount of bonus points for the round as well. That’s a far cry from the 32 they scored in week 1.

Some stand-outs of the evening include… Ashley Thibodeau (Fire Birds) picking up her first win of the season with a 2-1 victory over Shane Henry (Space Geckos); John Mann (Winky-Dinks) remains undefeated after hustling his way to a 2-1 win over John Perkins (Paddy’s Dropshots); Paul Ward continued on his merrily winning ways for his 7th win in a row (including box matches) taking Andy Adamo (Foss Nation) 2-1; and David Schaden (The Nicker Ballers) scored his first win of the season holding off the experienced Jim Miller (Mongoose) 2-1.

Everybody has been doing a great job getting their matches in. There are only 5 of the 153 players that are yet to pick up a point for your team either through bonus point or playing a match – you know who you are – and although it’s ‘only’ week 4 coming up next Wednesday, time is running out to get that 4 match minimum under your belt. And please, as a reminder, if you are here on Wednesday evening and play the match, make sure you enter the score on the spreadsheets provided (or tell me on the evening) rather than me having to chase you down for it. No doubt some results will end up not being recorded, which is rather silly.

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