Thursday, October 15, 2015


Boasters League round 2~~

Talk about attendance. Probably one of the best nights we have ever experienced in terms of bonus points, I’m surprised the keg wasn’t licked dry. In an almost first, Space Geckos were close to being the first team to have all 17 players turn up since the league expanded to 153 people a couple of years ago. They had 16. I won’t single out the one who didn’t show… I’m sure Captain Josh will giving him a tongue lashing!

Six of the other seven teams were all in the doubles digits for the bonus points, the one team that fell behind this week was Mongoose. Only 7 of their players turned up, and to make things worse, only 5 matches for round 2 have been completed as well. Their position on the standings is understandable.

Foss Nation kicked off their 2015 campaign in fine fashion against the Butter Nutz with 11 matches completed so far and their 32 points for the week has them only 6 points off Paddy’s Dropshots who have played both rounds.

Even though it wasn’t as full in the court area as week 1, there were quite a few matches completed. Let’s start by highlighting one of the closest results of the evening: David DeCew (Winky-Dinks) is a gentleman and a scholar (we think!), but he still wouldn’t give up the one or two points that would have his opponent Lauren Kirchner (Mongoose) earn the win. Two games went to the 15-14 sudden death rally, Lauren missed out taking both of them, but saved a little pride by snatching the third.

Josh Slominski (Space Geckos) and Mike LoVasco (Paddy’s Dropshots) put on a great exhibition with some solid squash, hard length shots, pressure volleys, and desperate retrievals. Josh stole the first game 15-14, had an easier win in the second game but wasn’t up to task in the third. The 2-1 win gives Josh his 8th win in a row if you also count box matches. He’s on a roll.

Jon Diewald (The Nicker Ballers) picked up his second 2-1 win in as many weeks after a tight victory over Jim Fair (Fire Birds); Peter Fromm (Butter Nutz) stopped Rick Florka (Foss Nation) from taking a victory on his return to squash after eons away from the game with a 2-1 win; and Dewey Steffen (Mongoose) left his basketballs at home to play a real sport (but not the lip.. “boo-yah!”) and probably trash-talked his way to victory over Steve Boloven (Winky-Dinks) 2-1.

So, let’s keep up the good work. There are still a handful of players that are yet to make an appearance this season – in fact the Space Geckos and Butter Nutz are the only teams where every player has picked up at least a point… go figure with the standings, right? The season is young, but it ages extremely quickly. Don’t waste the time.

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