Thursday, October 8, 2015


Boasters League round 1~~

If you were not here for the first round of the Boasters League, then you missed out big time. What a zoo this place was. A fantastic atmosphere greeted us to kick the season off, we were swimming with squash and handball players all evening, the courts were choc-o-bloc, the new updated area overwhelmingly well received, and the matches were competitive as usual. I did hear a few complaints over personal form however, the summer rust not quite out of the system just yet and I’m sure there are a couple sore bodies this morning.

 We started the league off with our best foot forward as the number 1 players of the teams strutted their stuff first. A couple of good results for the underdogs in these matches. Sante Fratarcangeli (Butter Nutz) will be tested this half of the season as he competes in the top spot and having to play club champion Jed Elley (Wardogs) straight away was a tough assignment. But Sante went out strong and took Jed a little by surprise, picking up 1 game of the 3. Robin Basil (Fire Birds) did the same thing to Vikram Chopra (Winky-Dinks), taking advantage of his opportunities and also picking up a game. Just proves that underestimating anyone can be dangerous.

The Nicker Ballers had a very positive night winning 7 of the 8 matches they completed, 6 of them 3-0. Poor Paddy’s Dropshots were on the receiving end of the pummeling, their lone flag flyer so far being Paul Gormley who got past new comer David Schaden 2-1.

In familiar territory, we once again see Space Geckos leading the charge after round 1. But, you can’t argue they do not deserve it. Along with Mongoose, they have played the most matches so far of the round, picked up the most bonus points (equal with Wardogs), and helping their cause had 5 people attend the referee clinic last week. It adds up.

Foss Nation haven’t stepped out of the gate just yet since they did have the unenviable schedule of the first round bye. They were also 1 of 2 teams that did not have any participants in the referee clinic…

It’s tough to pinpoint a match of the week because we had numerous 2-1 close results. Almost 70% of the scores so far! A great sign of the competitiveness. One can only hope the rest of the season will be very similar to what we have seen so far.

To finish, I’ll quietly step onto my podium… GET YOUR MATCHES PLAYED! I know it’s only round 1, but you will find if you do not keep up, you won’t be able to catch up. And remember, anyone not playing at least 4 matches for the first half, risks being replaced for the second half. No excuses… Now, I’ll quietly step down…

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