Thursday, October 29, 2015


Boasters League round 4~~

Yep. Winky-Dinks have taken over. The 8 point lead on the standings isn’t huge when you look to the Space Geckos, but the fact they are now 17 points ahead of third placed Fire Birds is. Fire Birds were only 3 points off both of the top 2 teams last week. Once again, playing matches pays off. Who would have thought? The Winky-Dinks played against the Space Geckos last night and they completed 11 matches. That’s 3 matches more than the next best. Additionally, they picked up 10 points in makeup matches over the week, giving them a league best 39 point boost.

Bonus point wise, the Space Geckos came out on top for week 4 with 14, Mongoose and Wardogs both picked up 12, and Foss Nation let themselves down with only 7. So far, the Space Geckos are way ahead on bonus points than anyone else, a major reason they are in second place.

The last 2 teams on the standings – Foss Nation and Paddy’s Dropshots – seem to be content to stay there. They played each other yesterday – or were supposed to – but only 6 matches have been done so far, they ranked last and second last in bonus points for the round, and did not play many makeup matches either, hence they picked up the lowest totals for the week.

Individual highlights for the evening… Joey Gaylord’s (Space Geckos) scrambling from the low front corners to the high back ones paid off as he managed to overcome Jerry-the-Rock-Lobster (Winky-Dinks) 2-1; John Hanley (Wardogs) had his work cut out but was still able to hold off Ashley Thibodeau (Fire Birds) who put up a great resistance, 2-1. Han Peng (Butter Nutz) continues his picture of consistency with his 3rd consecutive 2-1 victory, this one over Jim Miller (Mongoose); and Tom Bergh (Foss Nation) picked up his first win of the season taking out Paul Gormley (Paddy’s Dropshots)  in a tough 2-1 battle.

Four weeks down, five to go. Half-way (ish) already! Yes, there is time to get your matches in. No, I wouldn’t be waiting any longer to arrange them. The last thing we need is for anyone to come to me close to the deadline claiming a forfeit because their opponent cancelled in week 2. You won’t get one. So play them!

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