Thursday, January 14, 2016


Boasters League round 2~~

It’s not a two horse race, but after only 2 rounds, the Butter Nutz and Space Geckos have once again risen to the top of the standings and it all comes down to getting on court and playing matches.  The Fire Birds are only 6 points back of second place, but they kept close only because of some make-up matches through the week rather than playing on the Wednesday. That strategy will be difficult to keep up since those make-up matches pile up very quickly and as the weeks roll around, getting them in will prove challenging to say the least.

The Butter Nutz do sit out next week with the bye, but if they manage to get some make-up matches in over the week, should still find themselves in the top 4 if not top 3.

Team Mongoose and the Nicker Ballers already need to start climbing out of a hole they have dug themselves into. They picked up a paltry 14 and 17 points respectively for this week, and are on par with the Wardogs who have only played one round. The Winky-Dinks also need to be careful not to fall too far behind either. Only three round 2 matches have been played so far (out of 17), hardly a recipe for success. It is early in the season, but a lackluster start tends to be tricky to overcome later on.

There were a handful of tight results last night which I am always pleased to hear about. Patrick Petz (Paddy’s Dropshots) played true to his team’s name against Cathy Lysack (Space Geckos) as he tried to drop Cathy to death from any position on the court. And when he is on, he can be awfully effective. Cathy was forced to lunge into the front corners continuously and she was fit enough to keep the ball up to scrape out a 2-1 win.

Dane Fossee (Nicker Ballers) and Colin Bayer (Fire Birds) like to punish each other and try to see who can make the other one run more. Neither of them are afraid to oblige either, and sometimes I think they actually attempt to run more than needed, expend more energy than required, extend rallies past necessity, just for entertainment value. The healthy crowd last night appreciated the back and forth and on this day, Dane ended up with the spoils 2-1.

Next week is “Meet the Candidates” night which means most of the matches will be designated as a ‘self-schedule’. At 7pm next Wednesday all Blackballers (yes, that means you!) are invited to the gym to support the 35+ Basketball tournament and then see who you can vote for in this year’s DAC presidential and board election. It is a fun social evening, so please make the effort to come out and enjoy the festivities.

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