Thursday, January 7, 2016


Boasters League round 1~~

Christmas break isn’t really that long. But if you happened to have ‘rested’ for that period of time, enjoying your eggnog (what a revolting sounding drink!), lazing on the couch watching the Spartans get humiliated, socializing with your distant family relatives eating non-stop, then those 2 weeks may feel like a 6-month sabbatical. Our cleaning crews worked overtime this morning just mopping up all the rust from the floorboards!

The Butter Nutz appeared to have kicked it up a notch for the second half after their disappointing 7th place finish in the first half. But of course, when team members turn up and play matches the points start to add up. Against the Wardogs, they played 10 matches which is four more than any of the other teams. In fact, it’s more than 4 other teams combined.

On the other end, the Nicker Ballers and Paddy’s Dropshots only played 3 matches. Ummm… did some people not get the memo, or are they still snoozing off their Holiday feasts? It’s not that unusual though, the start of the second half is typically not over-active as everyone tries to get their routines back in order. The courts were humming though, so usage certainly hasn’t been affected!

One of the better matches of the evening was upstairs and missed by everybody but myself. Marc Lakin (Butter Nutz) and Maggie Durant (Wardogs) were neck and neck, playing some terrific long rallies that ended with either an excellent length or a deftly played drop. Both of them covering all the corners without letting up, the first 2 games went to Marc 15-14, and that momentum carried over through the third for the 3-0 win. I wonder if their pulses have dropped back down yet.

In a battle of brotherly-love, the MacVoy boys were (coincidentally
… !) matched up against each other. I can’t imagine the trash talk between the two, but we all know that means squat on the score board. On this day, Ryan can take the family honors with the 2-1 win over Zac. I’m sure revenge isn’t far away.

In another close 2-1 result, Jerry Rock (Winky-Dinks) fell just short against Ward Detwiler (Fire Birds). Maybe Jerry needs some practice on his lobs as some couldn’t quite get over the head of the 6 foot plus tall Ward, although I don’t know how much higher he could hit them without touching the ceiling.

We’re off and running, although some are still putting on their shoes at the starting line. You’ll be left behind very quickly if you’re not careful, so don’t let these matches pile up on you.

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