Thursday, November 2, 2017


Boasters League round 5~~

From 6 points back of first place last week to 15 points on top of the standings this week, the Butter Nutz stood up and took charge this round. A league best 43 total points propelled them well clear of now second placed Foss Nation who spluttered along this week picking up only 23 – a far cry from the 39 the week before.

The next best scoring team of the week was – astonishingly – the last placed Nicker Ballers. Last week, they were 18 points off the 8th placed Vivio’s and now, after picking up 35 points this week, are only 2 points from wrenching themselves out of the cellar. Over Served suffered the biggest drop going from 5th to 7th, but you can hardly blame them since they had the bye week. Speaking of the bye week, the Wardogs may actually be in a little trouble now as they sit on the sidelines for round 6 and are only 17 points from dropping all the way to the dungeon.

Once again, Mongoose are hanging around the top four of the standings thanks to their incredible ability of picking up bonus points. Another 15 (from a possible 17) last night gives them 59 for the season, second only to the Butter Nutz (62) but keeping in mind Mongoose have played one round less to score them in. Not sure what captain Paul Huth is threatening his team with, but whatever it is, it’s working.

Personal match shout-outs!
1. Tripp Kennedy (Paddy’s Dropshots). Keeping his unbeaten record alive for the season (5-for-5) Tripp almost lost this one to Peter Fromm (Nicker Ballers) but held his nerve twice at 14-all in the first and second game to take the 2-1 win. He thanked his new grip for getting him through, but I’m sure his improving squash had something to do with it.

2. Jason Currie (Butter Nutz) picked up his first win of the season with a tough 2-1 victory over Andy Adamo (Mongoose). Andy forced Jason to cover a lot of court, which Jason is more than happy to do. In fact, sometimes, it looks like Jason runs the wrong way on purpose just to make himself run further.

3. Matt Peleman (Butter Nutz). We’ve had brotherly rivalries before: Colin and Chas Bayer, the Fossee Clan who we don’t really know how each is related to each.. Cousins? Brothers? Sisters? Couples? And who can forget the Ryan and Zac MacVoy death matches… Matt’s brother Andrew Peleman (Mongoose) is now on the scene and a new rivalry has been born. Still in its infancy, this is the first official match these 2 have had. Matt can proudly take the strike of first blood here with a gallant 2-1 victory. Andrew I’m sure is already plotting his revenge.

Alrighty. On to week 6. Deadline to play your matches: December 10. Mark it on your calendar. You must have at least 5 matches reported by then otherwise you will be looking at replacement for the second half of the season. Ten players have already reached that threshold. Keep those make-up matches coming in!

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