Thursday, November 30, 2017


Boasters League round 8~~

So. 11 days to go. 11 days to get you matches in. 11 days for Mongoose to catch Butter Nutz. 11 days to make up those 45 points. Or will Foss Nation pull a rabbit out of the hat, overtake Mongoose and catch up the 57 points they are behind? I’d bet “no” on that, but stranger things have happened.

It was a quiet night considering we are getting into the business end of the half, and in fact the 2 weeks everyone had to make up past matches was not taken advantage of. The most points any team scored over that period was just 38, which – to be honest – is a rather mediocre total. Plenty of players have still not reached the 5 match minimum in order to avoid getting removed for the second half, and there doesn’t seem to be much ‘giddy-up’ going on. 11 days to get the move on.

Biggest mover of the round goes to Winky-Dinks, jumping up 2 spots to 5th place. They did pick up the second most points since round 7 (33), and ended up swapping places with Paddy’s Dropshots who picked up the least amount points (22) if you don’t include Foss Nation who had the bye. Paddy’s Dropshots also only picked up 6 bonus points last night, and are last in the league in that category too.

Kelli and Andy Hodges
About a month ago, I touted a blockbuster husband and wife match-up that was coming up in the league. It’s the first one that I can remember ever happening in the Boasters. Kelli and Andy Hodges finally managed to get this epic encounter completed last night, although they did it very, very quietly, sneaking upstairs when no one was paying attention. Andy had a great big smile on his face when they had finished, but it wasn’t because he won. He lost 1-2. But he was delighted that he had avoided a week of cold dinners, surrendering possession of the remote control, and couch sleeping. Unfortunately, Kelli and Andy have to bid us all “adieu” as they are moving all the way to the west coast next week. We are sorry to see them go and wish them all the best. Of course, since Andy lost, he is also allowed to travel in the front seat of the car on their long journey… Aaah! Isn’t married life wonderful!?

Another shout-out to Chris Moyer (Nicker Ballers). He gets the “humble pie” award of the week. Chris improved his record to 4-1 with a win over Justin Winkelman (Winky-Dinks) last night but as he approached me to give me the result, his facial expression and tone of voice conveyed the exact opposite. It was almost as if he was ashamed of his victory. Winning is enjoyable as far as I have experienced.

Other ‘mentionables’ go to John Mann (Over Served) taking 2 of 3 games from Paul Van Tol (Vivio’s) after the slowest start to a match of all time; Brien Baker (Winky-Dinks) picking up his 3rd win of the season 2-1 over James Van Dyke (Nicker Ballers); and Tom MacEachern (Winky-Dinks) recording his 5th victory (all of which have been 2-1) against Chris Van Tol (Nicker Ballers). Tom’s only loss (so far) this season was also a 2-1 result.

11 days. Clock is ticking…

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