Thursday, January 7, 2010


Boasters League Round 1-

New Year’s Resolution? Working of that holiday turkey and stuffing? Maybe flushing out all those cocktails? Whatever the reason, round 1 of the second half of the Boasters League was a busy night as players got into the swing of things quickly. Except for the “Angry Dragons” who already find themselves in familiar territory in 8th position. Not that after one round it’s time to panic, but nothing is worse than having to play catch-up the entire season – plus they have the ‘bye’ week in round 2, so they better get on their horse (dragon?) and make sure matches are played.

We had quite a number of close contests yesterday. Kevin Kennedy (“Duck or Bleed”) was inspired by his new squash shoes - which apparently improved his racquet skills – and was unlucky not to beat Pat Petz (“Defending Champs”). Pat can be happy with his 2-1 win, considering he was nursing a few sore muscles after taking part in the court conditioning training session the day before. Jim Fair (“Hell’s Kitchen”) also took part in that session and e-mailed me to say he was “crippled” for his match against Paul Flanagan (“Stimulus Package”) [pictured left], but the 2 had a great battle, with some entertaining rallies. Paul is a terrific hustler on the court and Jim certainly forced him to do just that. Paul pulled out a 2-1 victory. Special mention goes to Kimberly Farnen (“Duck or Bleed”) who beat Jim Miller (“Defending Champs”) 2-1. Last time Kimberly played Jim she lost 3-0, so it is encouraging and motivating to see her improvement over the season.

It’s promising to see the activity level so far – I just hope that by week 4 and 5, that everybody is still just as inspired!


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