Thursday, January 21, 2010


Boasters League Round 3-

The ‘Reach Arounds’ made a significant jump this week in the standings at the expense of the ‘Defending Champs’. Sitting in 6th place last week, the ‘Reach Arounds’ are now 3rd, just 7 points off the leaders – ‘Duck or Bleed’ who have managed to hold onto that position by the slimmest of margins. The ‘Defending Champs’ drop to 4th place, losing 4 of their 6 matches so far completed in week three 3-0.

The captain of the ‘Angry Dragons’ Paul Ward – sent out an ‘angry’ e-mail to his team this week to fire them up. Leading by example, Paul used his anger and won his match this week 3-0, as did Bruce Shaw. He angered four other of his team mates to play their matches as well but they all lost 2-1, and to avoid making Paul any angrier, the team also picked up a healthy 7 bonus points. They are still the cellar dwellers, but have made up a lot ground. Hopefully, the anger will motivate them to continue on this path and finally start making a move up the ladder!

Match of the week is given to Anthony Fracchia (Duck or Bleed’) and Shail Arora (Stimulus Package’). Anthony and Shail were deep into their third game after splitting the first two when Shail ran full speed into the wall with his non-playing arm extended, pushing his arm bone back into his elbow. Up until that moment, the match was anyone’s for the taking, but the incident had Shail down for the count. There was unfortunately no possible way for him to continue. A regrettable ending to an excellent contest. I am happy to say that Shail did not break anything, but it appears he may have damaged some ligaments. We hope he is back swinging the racquet soon, and until then we wish him the quickest and fullest of recoveries.


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