Thursday, January 14, 2010


Boasters League Round 2-

The standings remained pretty tight this week. As anticipated the teams remain relatively close together after only 2 weeks of play, with the exception of the 8th placed “The Deconstructors” and 9th placed “Angry Dragons” who have already had their ‘bye’ week. The “Angry Dragons” however, did not play one make-up match from week 1 and will have to careful not to put themselves behind too far too quickly. So far, teams have been quite respectable in regards to collecting bonus points, let’s hope that players become just as motivated to get all their matches done. Although, a lot of the bonus points collected last night were on account of the free booze and sliders for the 2nd dividend rather than ”doing it for the team”!

In one of the more surprising results and the most entertaining match of the evening, Mac Nutter (“Hell’s Kitchen”) (pictured right) shocked the “Defending Champs” captain Pat Petz pulling off a 3-0 win in a match that almost took 45 minutes. As disappointed as Pat was after the match not to at least win one of the games (2 of which ended up 15-14), he did gave full credit to Mac for excellent play, especially on those ‘sudden-death’ points when Mac could not have placed his straight drives any tighter. Mac is still undefeated in the Boasters League this season (including the first half)… hopefully I didn’t just jinx him!


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