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Scheduled for Friday March 12.
A unique in-house event, the Blitz Tournament gives members a chance to play against people you would not normally step on court with. Every effort is made to mix up the levels and get you the widest variety of players possible. Matches will be scheduled to start at 5pm. With handicapping issued on all the matches, the games can take anywhere from 15 minutes to just a couple of rallies – hence the name “Blitz”! Join in on a great fun, social evening of squash!

Take note of the following:
• This is for ALL levels of players
• Maximum 40 players – minimum 16
• Players will be randomly arranged into groups to play a round robin format
• The top 2 players in each group will move onto a knock-out draw. In the event of a tie, straws will be drawn to see who advances
• Players will be handicapped according to their level
• Each ‘match’ is one game to 15 points using point-a-rally scoring, no tie-break
• Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd
• Keg provided
• You must be a Blackballer to participate

Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 10.


Justin said...

Mick, I'm in. JW

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