Thursday, February 4, 2010


Boasters League Round 5-

Despite a poor showing last night with only three round 5 matches completed, ‘The Reach Arounds’ have taken over the reins as Boasters League number one team. The fact that ‘Duck or Bleed’ had the bye this week unquestionably helped matters, and ‘The Reach Arounds’ tenure atop the standings will most likely be short lived in any case as they are scheduled to sit out in week 6.

Only 2 points off the leaders, the ‘Defending Champs’ jumped from 4th to 2nd as they beat up on ‘The Deconstructors’ who are still tenuously holding on to the last finals position in 8th spot. Currently on the outside looking in, ‘Stimulus Package’ are on a free-fall and need to pick up their game. Dropping from 5th to last place, even though they are picking up a fair amount of bonus points and playing a decent amount of matches, they need to start winning a few games as well. They have only won just over 20% of the matches they have completed so far. I can’t forget to mention the ‘Angry Dragons’ who at last have scraped themselves off the cellar floor and moved into 7th place and are actually now only 7 points off 4th. It appears they are on their way up.

I am giving match of the week to Matt Hayduk (‘Marauders’) and Blake Kenny (‘Stimulus Package’). Matt has been working on his game recently with a few lessons and regularly taking part in the Court Conditioning Training and the ‘sacrifice’ is starting to pay off. He won 2-1, and was very pleased with the way he played and the improvement he is making. I have to mention Bob Rogers (‘The Reach Arounds’) who extended his incredible win streak to 29 with his 2-1 victory over James Van Dyke (‘Hell’s Kitchen') - and in saying that I have probably just placed a huge target on his back.


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