Thursday, February 25, 2010


Boasters League Round 8 –

It’s going to be close. Not only to see who will end up on top of the standings, but who will end up last and eliminate themselves from the play-offs. With 7 days to go before the deadline, the “Defending Champs” look comfortable in first place with a 14 point buffer over second placed “Duck or Bleed”, but have to sit out the final round next week and watch everybody catch up. If they can pick up another 15 or so points in make-up matches in that time, they may be safe but they certainly should not be feeling too relaxed in their current position.

The real battle, however, is at the other end of the ladder. “The Trolls” had a bye week this week which has ended up hurting them enormously and placed them on the brink. They were 22 points ahead of last place, but complacency had them pick up only 2 points in make-up matches and now they have dropped from 5th to 8th and just 2 points ahead of 9th. “Stimulus Package” are still last and as fate would have it, they play “The Trolls” in the final round. The “Angry Dragons” are still wobbling on the precipice as well and need to perform well this week, and the “Reach Arounds” are by no means out of the woods either and need to be careful as their 12 point cushion over “Stimulus Package” can be quickly eroded.

Match of the week for round 8 is a difficult choice. So many matches ended up with a 2-1 score line (14 of the 22 so far) and were very closely contested that I really can’t (or shouldn’t) pick one above the rest. But I will anyway. George Kordas (“Marauders”) [pictured left] and Jim Stroh (“Hell’s Kitchen”) had some excellent long rallies and both displayed some impressive court coverage. George has been on a notable improvement curve this season and has really stepped up his game (as he proved at the DAC Classic). Still, Jim held his own very well and although he ended losing 2-1, he can be pleased with the result.

One week to play before the play-offs. The team finishing last can start polishing their golf clubs. There are 7 days left to get your results in. The mad scramble starts… now!


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