Thursday, February 18, 2010


Boasters League Round 7-

As week 6 saw the standings tighten up, week 7 has once again spread them out. With only 2 weeks of the regular season to play, the top 4 teams have pretty much guaranteed a place in the play-offs, while the bottom 5 teams fight to stay out of last place and avoid elimination. “Stimulus Package” were already sitting in that position and had to suffer through the ‘bye’ this week but they actually came out the other side with minimal damage. Four points off 8th last week, they are only 5 points back now, and have a real possibility of catching the “Angry Dragons” who are apparently determined to get through the season playing the least amount of matches they can.

Defending Champs” and “Duck or Bleed” have opened up a small gap on the rest of the field and week-to-week are flip-flopping the 1st and 2nd spots. However, it is no guarantee that finishing first makes it an easy run through the play-offs (as history has proven many, many times) and from the 7 rounds played so far this half, the “Defending Champs” have a 4-3 record (and have the last round ‘bye’), and “Duck and Bleed” have a 4-2 record which just goes to show that all teams are vulnerable.

Match of the week goes to Anthony Fracchia (“Duck or Bleed”) and Ken MacDonald (“Marauders”). From the grunts, groans, and loud grumblings that were rather audible sitting outside the court, these two were really leaving it all on the floor. The good-spirited contest had terrific scrambling rallies and left them both breathing heavily – Anthony finally took the match 2-1 and extends his record to 5 and 1.

And don’t forget… DEADLINE TO COMPLETE ALL THE MATCHES IS THURSDAY, MARCH 4. Late results will not be taken into consideration so don’t wait too long to organize!!


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