Thursday, February 11, 2010


Boasters League Round 6-

Six rounds in, and less than 20 points separate first from eighth. I can’t remember the standings being this close with only 3 rounds to play before the play-offs start. Keeping in mind that the 9th team will be eliminated, “Stimulus Package” currently holds that distinction and even though they are only 4 points from 8th, they have the ‘bye’ week in round 7. Their play-offs are fading quickly unless they start making up many of the matches they still have open.

The Deconstructors” made the biggest move this week jumping from 8th to 4th with a solid showing last night against “The Trolls” who are now 3rd and only 4 points off the league leading “Duck or Bleed”. It was rather quiet on the courts for a league night, which I suppose after the weekend tournament is not too surprising, but if a couple of the teams would have a played a few more matches, the standings could have a very different look. The “Defending Champs” and the “Marauders” only had 2 (out of 11) results completed – they are only hurting themselves.

Time is winding down – there are only 3 rounds to go and the deadline to complete all the matches is Thursday, March 4 (inclusive). As always, I expect a scramble to complete them, so no one should wait until the last few days to start to organize their opponents!

Match of the week goes to Ted Mabley (“The Deconstructors”) and Rick Florka (“The Trolls”). Both new to the league this year and playing in the number 10 position, these two had a very close contest and both players after the match complemented each other on a great game – Ted ended up with the 2-1 victory.


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