Thursday, January 20, 2011


Boasters League Round 3~~

Just like the well known story of the tortoise and the hare, team “Courts and Pints” seem to have the motto of “slow and steady wins the race”. They are not exactly breaking any records for Wednesday attendance. In fact, 3 weeks in and they only have a paltry 14 bonus points which is the second fewest in the league, compared to the 26 “Winky-Dinks” have picked up. However, what they lack in presence, they are making up for in playing matches. They jumped from 8th to 3rd this week purely on all the games played throughout the past 7 days and picking up a steady flow of points. Now, unlike the fabled tortoise, I am not predicting they will be able to reach the finish line first, but if they continue on this path they will be giving them a decent chance for the play-offs.

Threepeat” suffered the most this week dropping from 1st to 7th. On the surface that looks bad, but they did have the ‘bye’ and are ahead of the other two teams who have had the ‘bye’ as well. “Winky-Dinks” have to endure sitting out week 4 and are bound to drop a few spots because of it. “Delta Force” needs to start looking into some “special ops” to dig themselves out of last spot. Out of a total of 24 matches they could have played, they have completed only 10 of them.

A lot of matches were played yesterday, many of which ended up 2-1. One of the more entertaining bouts that kept the handful of onlookers captivated was the Anthony Fracchia (“The Underdogs”) and James Van Dyke (“Courts and Pints”) encounter. The rallies were long, court coverage by both players was excellent, there was little (if any) interference which made it very clean with the absence of ‘let’ calls, and in the end it was Anthony taking the 2-1 victory. The photo is from their match with James lunging in for a backhand boast.

So onto round 4 – almost half way though… already! Time to step it up people!

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