Thursday, January 27, 2011


Boasters League round 4~~

The allure of free food and drink once again magically pulled the DAC members into the clubhouse. Or was it the opportunity to express your right to vote? Either way, the club was full, the courts were full, the fitness room was full… alas, it all happened one day before the boasters league night!

Election hangover hit round 4 hard. Only 8 matches were played, just enough to keep the tumbleweeds from blowing down the ‘T’ line. Team “Mongoose” has increased their lead on top of the standings to 15 points, while the next 7 teams have bunched themselves together rather snugly. Only 11 points separate 2nd from 8th so a lot of shuffling around can be expected by this time next week. “Delta Force” has dropped further behind and are now 18 points in the rears, and 22 points out of a finals berth. They have a lot of work to do.

Courts and Pints” are appearing to break the generally accepted ‘bonus point’ rule of thumb where the more bonus points a team has, the more higher on the standings they are. While they sit 3rd on the ladder, they have the least amount of bonus points of the nine teams (16) – and they haven’t even had their ‘bye’ week yet. “Delta Force” also has 16, but they have had the ‘bye’ – and they are dead last.

Just about half way through the second half of the season and leading the league in total accumulated points so far is Daniel Honer (“Courts and Pints”) with 14, and then Paul Huth (“Mongoose”) and Tom Bergh (“Mr. Daniels Walking”) have the next highest with 12. They are many, many matches to make up and they are piling up on people very, very quickly. Time’s a tickin’…

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