Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Did you make a New Year’s Resolution for 2011? I guess most of us have something that we vow to work on, a bad habit we promise to break, a character defect we endeavor to improve, some weakness we strive to strengthen… Well, hopefully you’ll have more luck sticking to it than The Squash Poet...

The New Year turned I set my sights
Of reaching the stratosphere of squash world heights
Up through the ranks my meteoritic rise
Will turn all heads and boggle all eyes
Nothing would stop me from my ambition
Of blasting away all competition
So watch out for me and before you know it
You’ll be paying to watch the illustrious “Squash Poet”!

The Squash Poet

Resolution Evolution

Starting on January 1, I vow…
To never put myself through the terror
Of continuously hitting unforced errors
No more hitting out and no more hitting tin
Every time I make contact, the ball will be in
When I’m game ball up, I will not choke
By hitting back to myself giving away the stroke
I won’t whiff or carry or hit the ball twice,
And I promise to heed my squash pro’s advice.

Starting on January 1, I vow…
To practice and practice and practice some more
And learn how to ref and learn how to score
I’ll watch Ramy Ashour and copy his skill
Just swing my racquet and hit the nick at will
I’ll work on my fitness and pump all the weights
Be known as the squash player that just dominates
Never will I succumb to the pain of defeat
As I turn myself into a mega-athlete!

Starting on January 1, I vow…
To discipline myself of body and of mind
So I could still win even if I was blind
Become so focused with resolute concentration
Execute each stroke with perfect calculation
Crowds will go wild from the magic I’ll weave
I’ll rewrite the record books with what I’ll achieve
2010 will disappear without sorrow
As my quest to conquer the squash world starts tomorrow!

Starting on January 3, I vow…
To stop being so ignorant, was the Hell was I thinking?
I wasn’t told do to this, I would have to stop drinking!
And it’s not like playing squash will make you that famous
Especially with my mental restraint of a fat ignoramus
Apart from the fact my technique is so dire
And I’m way past the time when I should have retired
I guess in 2011 I won’t break any frontiers
But I’ll be sure to take it seriously at the start of next year!

Happy New Year!

The Squash Poet

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