Thursday, January 13, 2011


Boasters League Round 2~~

One way to guarantee people will turn up to a Boasters League night is to offer free food and alcohol. While getting them to into the building wasn’t the issue, getting them into their squash gear was. In all fairness, the 2nd Dividend is all about meeting the candidates for the upcoming DAC election so the social aspect of the evening does take precedent.

Only a handful of matches were played. Of the 16 results I have for round 2 (out of a maximum 48!), 13 of them ended up with a 2-1 score line. It appears competitive matches was the theme. Patrick Petz is leading his “Threepeat” team by example. He must have played well to take a 2-1 win over Matt Jarboe (“Delta Force”) and once again they are on top of the standings. They do have the bye for round 3, but are already well positioned for the remaining weeks.

Another good win went to Rich Stimson (“The Underdogs”) [pictured right] who beat Paul Huth (“Mongoose”) 2-1. The two had to figure out a few ‘let’ calls now and then, but when you have 2 players that haven’t played against each other very often, contrasting styles will do that. New comer to the league, Daniel Honer (“Courts and Pints”) won his first ever Boasters League match 2-1 over Glen Milligan (“Winky-Dinks”).

I know it’s “only” round 3 next week, but quite a few players are still yet to play a match for the second half – they will pile up very quickly if you don’t get going!

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