Thursday, January 6, 2011


Boasters League Round 1~~

I was hoping for a more active beginning to the second half, but maybe people were still in ‘Holiday Mode’. It almost seemed as if players were more interested in collecting their bonus point and getting their customary beer, rather than actually playing the match. While, yes, the bonus is important, believe it or not, so is playing!

Still, 14 matches were completed on the night with another 6 matches that were played early. Except for “Delta Force” who had the bye, the matches were pretty evenly spread across the teams. After one week, it is next to impossible to make any predictions, so all I can say is make sure you turn up on Wednesday and make sure you play your matches. The current standings probably mean little for now, but it is easier not to play catch-up and have to scramble during the final couple of weeks. Remember, the last three teams will be eliminated for the play-offs, so don’t get lazy!

A number of yesterday’s matches were close. Al Iafrate (“Speed Ballers”) surprised me (I have to admit) with an excellent victory over Andy Adamo (“Threepeat”) 2-1; Bob Rogers (“Winky-Dinks”) who moved up to #3, lost 2-1 to Jay Poplawski (“Mongoose”); two new faces in the league squared off with Sante Fratarcangeli (“Threepeat”) beating Jason Massey (“Speed Ballers”) 2-1. I can’t mention all the 2-1 results of course, but there were also some tight matches played even though the score line was 3-0. I watched Julie Henry (“The Underdogs”) battle Tom Bergh (“Mr. Daniels Walking”) and while Tom won all three games, the points were close and both players were puffing hard. The photo is from their match.

Next week, round 2 on January 12 is also the Second Dividend night. If you plan on attending it, then make sure you get your match in early. Either way, come on down and enjoy the free eats and drinks! That’s motivation enough, surely!

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