Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Summer League round 4~~

Boom-da-da-boom-da-boom-boom-boom!” Did you hear that? It’s the sound of me beating the same ol’ tune off the same ol’ drum. I call it, “Play Your Matches” in D minor. Needs a little work, but I was never musically inclined. I’m also working on a piece called “Collect Your Bonus Points”, but I can’t decide whether to do it on the drum or the accordion…

Serves of Steel” certainly don’t need any motivational jingles in either of those 2 titled categories. They lead the league in both of them. Together with second placed “Volleybrawlers”, they have played 20 out of a possible 28 matches through the first four rounds, and have accumulated 17 bonus points. “We Got The Runs” also have 17 bonus points, but are over 20 points behind the leaders and sit 5th overall. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the last team on the ladder – the “Alcoballics” - has the fewest bonus points (9), and has played the fewest matches with only 11. In fact, the “Alcoballics” have only picked up a total of 5 points over the past two rounds. Even with that startling statistic, they are only 11 points out of a finals berth. But they better start to get on court.

At over the half way mark of the regular season, Alan Howard (“Serves of Steel”) leads all other league players with 15 points, and is yet to drop a single game. His team mate Doug Troszak is second with 13 and Manny Tancer (“The Balled and the Beautiful”) has 12. Only four players so far have collected all 4 bonus points.

The video clip is from the first game from the match between Matt Jarboe (“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”) and Robin Basil (“Alcoballics”). Matt won this match 3-0 handing Robin his first loss of the season.

Three weeks to go. Plenty of time to get your matches in. “Boom-da-da-boom-da-boom-boom-boom!”

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