Monday, June 20, 2011


Timed-Handicap-Quiz Tournament
Wednesday, July 13

Have you ever played 1 game – not a match – that lasted 20 minutes? You may think to yourself “Sure!” but time can get very skewed when your heartbeat feels like it’s pushing out through your eardrums and the oxygen supply on the court feels like it’s been sucked out. When I ran those court conditioning sessions it was rather startling (and somewhat amusing I have to admit) how the self-imposed sufferers would appeal to my sympathetic trait for mercy 30 seconds into a 1-minute exercise believing my stop-watch most certainly was running too slowly. (I, of course, have no sympathetic trait so it never worked…Muwahahaha!) On the other side of the coin, I have played some matches that have felt like being in a time warp. The match may have taken two hours, but it certainly didn’t feel half that long while I was on court.

In this unique tournament format, you will be placed onto one of two teams. If possible, I will match you up with an opponent of equal standard, but if that isn’t feasible then handicaps will be issued to the lesser player. Using point-a-rally scoring, each match will be one continuous game of 20 minutes. No time-outs, no resting, no walking off to get a drink, in short - no stopping! I know it doesn’t sound like that long, but it may surprise you.

Now, after all the matches are completed each team will be handed a quiz. The questions will be based on your knowledge of squash, this club, and general bits and pieces. Each question will be worth a certain amount of points.

The winning team will the one with the most combined points from the squash and quiz. (The highest squash point score from each team will be discarded). And, for being so fit and smart, each member of the wining team will get a prize! They will be able to choose a gift from the pile of ‘stuff’ I’ll be collecting from around the club. Right now, I have no idea what that ‘stuff’ might be. Depends on what the departments want to shed!

There will also be a keg available so the members of the losing team can still drink even though they should probably be on the court practicing or in the library studying.

Want to play (and think)? Details are:
• Tournament is on Wednesday, July 13
• Matches start at 5pm
• Depending on entries, event should run to about 7.30pm.
Keg available
• No entry fee
Registration deadline is Monday, July 11
• Minimum 16 players required

E-mail me your entry. And hit the books.

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