Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Summer League round 3~~

From 8th – and last by a country mile – to 4th in one week. “Sure to Shank Redemption” almost doubled their score overnight to put themselves in play-off contention with a healthy showing in round 3 of the Summer League. With Arnaud Mangin winning 3-0, Tom Healy winning 2-1, and 2 other players picking up another game each, adding on the 5 bonus points, the team added 12 points which was 3 more than the next best “Volleybrawlers” who also improved their standings to second.

In a league first, in the match-up between “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Alcoballics”, they secured themselves a big fat bagel for the night – not one match played, or one bonus point earned. Unsurprisingly these two teams now sit in the last two spots on the ladder.

The video clip is of Brien Baker (“Volleybrawlers”) versus Blake Ellis (“Sure to Shank Redemption”) during their first game. Brien took that one, then the guys split the next two giving Brien the 2-1 victory. There are a lot of short rallies in the clip making the squash a little messy and jerky, but the players settled in afterwards and ran themselves ragged for the second and third.

Now I know that the very well attended annual golf outing clashed with this round and a handful of squash players took part. But I’m not buying it as an excuse. Everybody has had plenty of time to organize their match since round 2 two weeks ago. And believe it not, time is already running out. Round 4 next week is past half-way. Even though you have until July 12 (inclusive) to have your matches done, it’s a mere 5 weeks away… Finals start on July 18.

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