Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Summer League round 6~~

Once again, participation was affected by an unrelated source. This time, it was the fireworks. It’s the downside to being situated in the city. As I drove home, the I-75 was blocked off city inwards, and the traffic was backed up beyond what the eye could see. It wasn’t even 7pm. So, I forgive everyone who decided not to make the trip to the club last night… and I applaud everyone who did.

The biggest mover this week was the “Court Jesters” who made up 12 points on lead leaders “Serves of Steel” to equal their total but are in second place due to one less bonus point. The top three teams look pretty safe, and the fourth finals spot is turning into a three-way battle. Only 3 points separate 4th from 6th and in case of any tie, “Sure to Shank Redemption” currently hold a 2 bonus point advantage over the other two teams. “We Got the Runs” fell further behind the group and are now 10 points out of that play-off position but if they could make up the deficit, their bonus point total is very healthy. As for the “Alcoballics”… well, it isn’t looking good. I guess it’s tough to catch up if two of the eight players in the team are making up more than half their total, and none of the other six have accumulated more than 5 points.

Next week is off due to Independence Day. The final round of the regular season is scheduled for July 11, with the deadline to play all of your matches being July 12. It would be a pity if your team missed the finals by only a point or two because you decided not to play some matches that you could have…

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