Thursday, October 27, 2011


Boasters League round 4~~

Despite only playing two matches so far in round 4, “1st Place Lounge” has sprinted to the top of the standings from third spot a week ago. They in fact picked up more bonus points (9) than squash points (5) and lead the rest of the pack easily in that category. Their opponents last night was “O’Blivions” who are still struggling to play matches and have completed a league worst 33% of their games so far. The fact that they aren’t last is because they have collected 4 more bonus points than team “Vivio’s” that have only 8. That’s one bonus point less than what “1st Place Lounge” picked up last night alone.

Team “Anchor” has pulled themselves out of the cellar, more than doubling their point total from week 3 by playing a number of matches through the week. They still are a long way off the league leaders, but are inching their way closer.

We had a good crowd for round 4, the courts were full most of the night. There were a few close encounters to mention. Bob Rogers (“Anchor”) picked up his first win of the season with 15-14 in the 3rd victory over DJ Boyd (“Town Pump”). Bob’s team mate Peter Shumaker beat Anthony Fracchia 2-1 in a niggly match that featured a few too many ‘let’ calls but nothing that couldn’t be solved over a few beers afterwards, Josh Slominski (“Vivio’s”) handed Tom Healy (“Old Shillelagh”) his second consecutive 2-1 loss, and Glen Milligan (“Speakeasys”) grabbed his second victory for the season over Bob DuMouchelle (“The Tap Bar”) 2-1.

Not forgetting that we now award prizes to players of each level at the end of the season in March for the most points collected, some notable leaders in the “All Star” race are Ted Mabley (“Town Pump”) with 12 points who is one of only four players so far into double digits. The other three are Sante Fratarcangeli and Frank Giglio both from “1st Place Lounge” and Dane Fossee (“Old Shillelagh”) all with 10 points. It is of course still early, but it’s always easier to not to have to play catch-up.

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