Thursday, October 20, 2011


Boasters League round 3 ~~

Looking at the standings we see a tale of two groups. The first group – the top 6 - is snuggling in close to each other and is jostling around amongst themselves, happy as pigs rolling about in slop. The second group – the bottom three – appears to be completely lost and hasn’t yet found where the courts are. Given, those three teams have all had a ‘bye’ week, but out of the two rounds they have played, two of the teams have completed only 7 matches, and the other six. I speculate it would be rather impossible to accumulate points without playing. And just because your team is called “Anchor”, does not mean you have to be wedged at the bottom.

The top 6 teams are obviously doing a better job. “Old Shillelagh” has played 22 matches - the most so far of any team – and la-di-da find themselves on top of the standings. In regards to leading the charge on the most bonus points collected, “1st Place Lounge” heads that category with 16, two more than the “Speakeasys”.

So far, the league looks to be very competitive. The majority of matches are ending up with a 2-1 score line (roughly 60% of the time) which means there aren’t many ‘easy’ wins out there and players need to be hitting the ball well every week to give themselves a chance. Good ol’ Irish luck is currently on the “Old Shillelagh” team with 16 of their 22 matches going 2-1 and they have won 12 of them!

Team “Jacoby’s” suffer through the ‘bye’ next week, but it really doesn’t have to hurt them at all if they start to make up some of their 17 matches they are yet to play from rounds 1 to 3. Sounds a lot, doesn’t it? Would it surprise you to know that that number is a fraction below the average?

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