Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The first of Windsor’s two tournaments is appropriately named the “Fall Down” Classic since is coincides with the season, and also the three tons of rotten leaves that accumulate on my lawn from my neighbor’s tree. From November 4-6, pencil it in your calendar to play some serious squash for that weekend. It’s pretty simple:

Step 1: Enter. You can do that by either letting me know and I can pass on your information to them, or even easier, you can call them yourself! Or, e-mail them. Or, send them a homing pigeon although I don’t recommend that too much. Smoke signals are not suggested either. Make sure you do it before the deadline.

Step 2: Take some lessons to sharpen yourself up for your upcoming matches!

Step 3: Get your first round time. Probably a good idea to do this before November 4. You can call them a couple of days before the start date to ask, or if I get them I will e-mail it to you (but don’t rely on that!).

Step 4: Turn up. Jump into your transportation vehicle of choice and make your way to the Windsor Squash Club which is less than 10 minutes from the tunnel. It’s very easy to get to. Just make certain that you do turn up before your match is scheduled to start.

Step 5: Play squash. This is the best part. Here, you get to hop on court and start smacking away at the black ball hoping to beat some other dude or dudess also smacking away at the black ball. You’ll get two matches minimum in the singles, so make sure you check your next match time win or lose.

Step 6: Enjoy. Self explanatory. There will be beer, friends, socializing, squash to watch, food… cannot go wrong here.

So, click on the poster above fall all the information and contact details. There are singles and doubles events to choose from. I plan on playing too, so I hope to see you many of you supporting this event along with me.

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