Thursday, October 6, 2011


Boasters League round 1~~

As you can see from the standings, the teams were named after bars in Detroit. While participation was relatively low considering it was the first round of the season, I wonder if any of the players mistakenly went to their team ‘bar’ instead of the DAC. No doubt, an easy gaffe to make.

The “Speakeasys” head into week 2 atop of the ladder and it’s simple to see why. They played 8 of their matches, won 4 of them, and had 9 players turn up for bonus points. Naturally, their opponents played 8 matches too – “Old Shillelagh” – but only had 6 bonus points. “The Tap Bar” also put a nice round behind them winning 5 of their 7 completed matches to go with their 7 bonus points.

The opposite end of the ladder, we see “O’Blivions” and “Vivio’s” who have already dug themselves into a hole. Only 2 matches were completed, and only 7 bonus points between them collected. “O’Blivions” also has the bye week in round 2 and will find they will have to play a lot of catch up all season if they aren’t careful. Team “Anchor” sits in 9th because they had the week 1 bye, but have 3 points since three of their players turned up for the Referee Clinic a couple of weeks ago.

There were many close results last night. None closer than Phil Pitters (“1st Place Lounge”) beating Sean Fossee (“The Tap Bar”) by one point in the 3rd game to take the 2-1 win. Paul Huth (“Jacoby’s”) continues to have Blake Ellis’ (“Town Pump”) number with his 4th consecutive victory over him, winning 2-1 as well. And a special mention to Chip McDaniel (“Jacoby’s”) who has not played a match for two and a half years due to work but has finally come back and joined the league as he somehow managed to beat Mark Monaghan (“Town Pump”) 2-1. Great effort!

The season is finally under way. Don’t let those uncompleted matches pile up on you, get them out of the way as soon as you can. The deadline to play them will be upon you faster than you think.

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