Thursday, November 3, 2011


Boasters League round 5~~

Two weeks ago, team “Anchor” were dead last. It’s always difficult to get the bye week in round 1 because you are forced to play catch-up the whole season long. Now, team “Anchor” is 6th, and going on the results from last night, if they manage to make up most of their matches they should be in contention for league leaders by the end of the first half.

Anchor” played the first placed “1st Place Lounge” and although they only had six results come in, “Anchor” won 5 of them. However, to “1st Place Lounge’s” credit, they continue to dominate the rest of the teams in bonus points collecting another 8 and despite the results on the score sheet last night, managed to increase their lead on top of the standings to 17 points. They will need to maintain a significant advantage until the final round when it is their turn to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else draw closer.

For the first time this season, “O’Blivions” has the unenviable ‘honor’ of cellar dwellers. Not that it should surprise anyone since they picked up only 3 points. Together with “Vivio’s” they have the second least amount of bonus points with a paltry 14 – that’s 3 ½ a week on average. “Vivio’s” are second last. Team “Jacoby’s” have an amazingly low 12 bonus points and are 3rd last. Go figure.

Individually, Dane Fossee (“Old Shillelagh”) continues to impress and remain undefeated after a 3-0 victory over Dan Sporka (“O’Blivions”) and now leads the league with the most points overall (14), sharing that distinction with Andrew Tignanelli (“1st Place Lounge”). Paul Huth (“Jacoby’s”) handed Scott Adlhoch (“Speakeasys”) his first loss of the season beating him 2-1, and Tom Delaney (“Vivio’s”) was pleased to take the first 2 games off Niko Ahee (“Town Pump”) before finally succumbing to him in the 3rd game.

Only 4 rounds to go, plus one rest week because of Thanksgiving, and everyone has until December 9 to play their matches. Yes, that’s 5 weeks away. But I guarantee you; a lot of you will be wishing you had more time…

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