Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Here are some more devilishly difficult quiz questions to answer. (If you missed the first round of questions, you can click on them here: .) And just like before, there are no correct answers so you absolutely cannot fail...

1. Squash is addictive because…
a) Nothing beats chasing a rubber black ball in an enclosed space with a racquet while suffering from  oxygen deprivation
b) We lace the water with cocaine
c) Addictive? It’s a damn vegetable. Yugh!
d) It challenges body and mind to the extreme
e) Its another excuse to get out of the house
f) There is always a keg handy when you finish playing

2. The reason you call a ‘let’ is…
a) You can’t get the ball back
b) Your opponent has hit a winner
c) Habit
d) You’ve had a bad day and you’re in the mood for an argument
e) Interference
f) The keg is empty

3. The red line is…
a) Part of your sobriety test before you drive home from the club
b) Out
c) Annoying
d) Amazingly easy to hit
e) In – for yourself only
f) Your serve’s worst enemy
g) Too low
h) A ball magnet

4. Where would the DAC build new squash courts?
a) Dream on… I am…
b) See a)
c) See b)
5. How can we make the DAC Classic even bigger?
a) Build more squash courts
b) Play 24/7
c) Use Windsor
d) Use a larger font
e) Start the event a week earlier
f) Over my dead body

6. What are the 3 fundamentals all squash players have to master?
a) Racquet up; Back to the ‘T’; Watch the ball
b) Racquet up; Drink till you drop; Watch the girls
c) Bottoms up; Back to the bar; Put it on Housey’s tab
d) Swing as hard as you can; Hit winners; Win the last rally
e) Don’t swear; Dress neatly; Don’t argue
f) Drink one bourbon; Drink one scotch; Drink one beer
g) Reading; Writing; Arithmetic
h) Play your match; drink a beer; Off to the bars

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