Thursday, November 10, 2011


Boasters League round 6~~

I guess all the teams were quite content where they stood last week since there was only 1 move on the ladder for round 6. And that only occurred because the “Speakeasys” had the bye and were overtaken by “Old Shillelagh”. A few matches have been made up in the past 7 days, but none of the teams are making any significant push. Only 13 matches were completed for round 6 – out of a total of 48 – and once again the last placed “O’Blivions” just are not making an appearance. They have collected a total of 10 points in the past two rounds, including only 4 bonus points. What more can I say about that except, “huh?”

Of the 13 matches, 10 of them had a 2-1 score line. Bob DuMouchelle (“The Tap Bar”) picked up his third win with a close victory over Chato Hill (“Jacoby’s”). Chato had Bob stranded many a time with his very well placed and feathery drop shots that would barely touch the front wall less than an inch above the tin, but luckily for Bob, Chato couldn’t hit enough of them! Dane Fossee (“Old Shillelagh”) suffered through his first defeat of the season losing to Matt Hayduk (“Anchor”) and no longer holds the lead for the most points in the league. That honor now goes to Ted Mabley (“Town Pump”) who with 18 points is also 6 for 6 in his matches. Andrew Tignanelli (“1st Place Lounge”) is second with 17, Dane now has 16.

Second placed “Town Pump” has the bye next week so they will be hard pressed to hold onto that spot. Then is the week of Thanksgiving where the league takes a rest and gives everybody a chance to catch up on their missed matches. Only 11 players out of the 108 have played every match so far so there are plenty of points for all the teams to amass. Keep in mind the December 9 deadline. No excuses… or exceptions!

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