Thursday, November 17, 2011


Boasters League round 7~~

Now, that’s more like it. Maybe because it’s getting closer to the end of the first half, or maybe because Thanksgiving is next week and people need to feel they can justify porking out on turkey and stuffing by playing plenty of squash leading up to it, but either way the past 7 days have turned in an abundance of scores. Surprisingly, none more than the “O’Blivions”.

I haven’t been terribly kind to team “O’Blivions” over recent weeks due to their lack of play, but they picked up over 30 points through the week, including 8 bonus points last night, 3 more than their previous best. Their reward was to drag themselves out of last place to second last place (that dubious honor is now held by team “Vivio’s”) and as minimally gratifying as that sounds, they have in fact put themselves within reaching distance of the teams above them. They are still 24 points off second place, but that’s significantly better than the 42 points that separated them last week! “1st Place Lounge” still enjoys top standing and has increased their lead to 20 points over “Old Shillelagh” who now will have to endure the bye in week 8.

I expect (hope!) that since round 8 is not scheduled for 2 weeks, that players will take this golden opportunity to make up as many matches as possible. There is only 1 player in the league that has managed to complete all their matches so far and remain undefeated – Ted Mabley (“Town Pump”). As more results come in however, additional names may be added to this list but to have only one out of the 108 (for now) is a little unusual.

So enjoy your turkeys and family, enjoy watching the Lions win - although they are playing the Packers who are more than overdue for a bad performance, but make sure you get your matches done!

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