Monday, December 19, 2011


DAC Squash Classic – February 9-12

Deep breath in… and… exhale… Deep breath in… and… exhale… That’s me preparing myself for the onslaught of the behemothic weekend that is the DAC Squash Classic. Even before I opened this event up for registrations, I was receiving e-mails from our Canadian buddies wanting to sign-up. I couldn’t do that, but I know a couple of them did in fact reserve their hotel room anyway. So, once again, I am expecting we will reach capacity before the actual registration deadline of January 27.

As with previous years, the tournament formula will stay the same. Singles categories are 2.5 through to 5.5, and the three doubles events are A, B, and C. Numerous times I have been asked about adding a mixed doubles category, but alas, we simply do not have the court space to do it. And anyway, the women players from Canada have proven on more than one occasion they can hold their own!

Because entry numbers are limited and court space could not be at more of a premium, it is extremely important to take note of the following restrictions and the expected availability of all the players:

Ø  Maximum 16 teams in any one doubles category
Ø  Maximum 40 doubles teams allowed spread over the 3 categories
Ø  Any player entering the ‘A’ doubles category is NOT allowed to enter the ‘C’ doubles category, regardless of partner
Ø  One match guaranteed in any doubles draw
Ø  Maximum 32 players in any one singles category
Ø  Two matches guaranteed in any one singles draw
Ø  Maximum 145 registrations for the entire event
Ø  Walkovers / forfeits count as a match
Ø  Minimum age to enter the tournament is 13
Ø  All singles matches will use PAR scoring to 11

2012 Entry Form
You are allowed to enter two categories; however, we do not recommend such practice. Mainly because the amount of matches you can end up playing over the weekend pile up, possibly with no rest between them, and often players are withdrawing from one event half way through.  (Especially in consolation rounds.) It is unfair to your fellow competitors if you cannot make yourself available for every match. People enter to play, not to have forfeits awarded to them. And that spot in the draw could be taken up by some who could play. Also, take into consideration the amount of ‘partying’ you may be partaking in – once again, it is common that players ‘sleep in’ the next morning and leave their early rising opponents stranded. I am aware that you may want to take advantage of the weekend and get in as much squash as possible, but please be realistic and considerate.

By signing up to the DAC Classic, you are agreeing to the following playing times. Once the schedules have been completed, rearranging is a virtual nightmare and - quite frankly – I shouldn’t have to do any.

For players in the Detroit areas – including Windsor, Toledo, Ann Arbor, and Lansing:
Ø  Thursday, February 9 between 4pm and 11pm
Ø  Friday, February 10 between 3pm and midnight
Ø  Saturday, February 11 between 8am and 8pm
Ø  Sunday, February 12 between 8am and 4pm

For all other players:
Ø  Friday, February 10 between 3pm and midnight
Ø  Saturday, February 11 between 8am and 8pm
Ø  Sunday, February 12 between 8am and 4pm

This doesn't mean you will be playing so early or late, but make sure you set your schedule accordingly just in case you do.

The support from our membership for this event is nothing short of phenomenal – all eight main sponsors from 2011 continued their invaluable support for February’s event. Please make sure you take time over the weekend to sincerely thank the following members – it is because of their help, this tournament has reached the stratosphere it has:

• Skidmore Inc. – Patrick Petz
• Smith Barney – Sean Moran
• Maverick – Jim Stroh
• Corbet, Shaw, Essad & Tucciarone – Bruce Shaw
• SVS Vision – Ken Stann
• Metropolitan Baking Co. – George Kordas
• AARO Companies – Tom Fabbri
• Adlhoch & Associates – Scott Adlhoch
• Outrigger Imagine – Joe Schaden
• Holloway – Mike Doyle

So be quick. If you plan on playing, enter early. If you wait until the deadline, you will most likely miss out and be placed on a waitlist. Registrations will only be accepted with payment. You must either – call me, e-mail me, or send me the entry form through snail mail. You cannot register on-line.

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