Thursday, December 1, 2011


Boasters League round 8~~
The only team that kept its round 7 position on the Ladder was “1st Place Lounge”. The courts have been humming recently with the huge push from most players to get their matches in. (Add on the amount of box ladder matches we had as well, and the finding a time to play is becoming rather challenging.) Biggest point-picker-uppers happened to be “Vivio’s” who over the past 7 days added on 36 and jumped from last to 7th and are only 16 points off 2nd. If they have another week like this one, they’ll overtake the current league leaders. Speaking of which, “1st Place Lounge” have to sit idly by for the final round and watch everybody else play catch-up.

With the standings experiencing an almost complete shake-up, and the scores tightening up tremendously, it will be anyone’s guess who will end up with the first half league leading honors. Obviously teams “Town Pump” and “Speakeasys” have the best shot since they are 2nd and 3rd respectively, but it really is too close to call. Also, if anyone needs any extra motivation, “Town Pump” is captained by Patrick Petz, and we all know how much he’ll rub it in your faces if he happens to get through!

Before everyone starts to beg for an extension on the match completion deadline, just let me nip it in the bud by saying, “no”. December 9 (inclusive) is the day all scores need to be in. Now, I’m not that much of a scrooge and here is the loophole because I won’t be working on the 10th – being a Saturday – so I will not be able to finalize all the scores until the following Monday morning. Any results coming in to me after I have calculated, added, subtracted, evaluated, theorized, multiplied, divided, triangulated, postulated, computed, and deviated will not be taken into consideration.

Another thing to keep in mind is at the halfway mark of the season, I will be looking at everybody’s win / loss records and adjusting your team position accordingly. I will make every effort to keep you on your current team, but that is not always possible. All teams will start the second half with zero points. You have 8 days…

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