Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Boasters League first half final standings~~

I wonder who from the non-winning teams will be kicking themselves now. Should haves, could haves, just a couple extra points here, a game there, should have shown up one more Wednesday... I can’t remember when the final standings have ended up so tight between the four top teams. But – and I’m sure I’ll hear a collective groan form the other 8 captains – Patrick Petz has done it again (is he really Tim Tebow in disguise?) and his team “Town Pump” has taken the first half honors.

It is a victory well deserved for his team. They have been in the top 3 of the standings since round 2, although never in the lead until it really counted the most – at the end. “Vivio’s” fell 1 point short, but their run was extremely impressive over the last 3 weeks; they were dead last after round 7 and 50 points off first. That’s a huge effort! Speaking of last place, “O’Blivions” receives that accolade which is not surprising considering for most of the season they were never higher than 7th place anyway – and that was way back after round 1. As usual, I like to go through the results and list out a few interesting statistics:

  • 71% of the total matches were completed. That’s 4% less than the first half last year.
  • Round 1 had the most matches completed with 83%. Round 9 had the least amount of matches completed with 52%
  • The cancelled round 2 (because of the Tigers play-offs) had 77% of the matches played.
  • 1st Place Lounge” played the most matches with 79%. “Anchor” played the least with 64%.
  • 1st Place Lounge” also collected the most bonus points with 51. That’s 2 more than the second best “Speakeasys”.
  • 1st Place Lounge” had the lowest win percentage in the league with 37%. Hence they didn’t end up on top.
  • O’Blivions” and “Jacoby’s” only gathered 33 bonus points each – league lowest. 3rd lowest total goes to “Anchor”. These 3 teams finished 7th, 8th, and 9th. Speaks volumes.
  • Overall, 56% of the matches ended up with a 2-1 score line.
  • 9 players collected all possible bonus points.
  • 16 players played all 8 of their matches. None of them went through undefeated. (There are 108 players in the league.)

The halfway ‘All Star’ standings are very close. Listed below are the current leaders in their position. Keep in mind that I will be shuffling the teams around for the second half but players will carry through their first half points. ‘All Star’ points are an accumulation of games won and bonus points.

Ted Mabley and Arnaud Mangin

  1. Anthony Fracchia
  2. Paul Ward
  3. Al Iafrate
  4. Jerry Rock and Arnaud Mangin
  5. Brendan Fossee
  6. Andy Housey
  7. Sante Fratarcangeli
  8. Mark Monaghan
  9. Ted Mabley
  10. Jason Massey
  11. Tom Delaney
  12. Jim Miller

The second half of the season starts on Wednesday, January 4. All teams start at zero. Once again, you will play everyone once, and then there are 3 weeks of finals where the top 6 teams advance, the last 3 are eliminated. I’ll be sending out the adjusted rosters in the next couple of weeks. I will do my best to keep you on the same team, but that won’t always be possible. Either way, you should (hopefully) be in for a very competitive second half.

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