Monday, December 12, 2011


The BAC sent out a statement last January when they came to our home club and pounded us into submission with a convincing win in the Farris Cup. We won only 4 of the 15 matches and were forced to lick our wounds and wear sun glasses and false moustaches in public. Gratefully, the time for redemption is close at hand!

On Saturday, January 7, the forces have been brought together to storm their courts and repossess the hallowed prize. The Farris Cup will be in its 8th year and it has turned into a tradition that for our members who qualify to represent the DAC, is a privilege and honor. Winners and finalists from the 2011 Club Championships earn the right to fight for the Farris Cup in 12 singles matches and 3 doubles matches.

This event is played in the memory of John C. Farris who passed away in 2004. John was a member of both the DAC and BAC and was a tireless promoter of the sport. He was a good friend of both George Haggarty and Walter Oehrlein who founded this competition.

Matches start at 2.00pm at the BAC, and we encourage as many of you as possible to come on down and cheer on our lads in their tighty-whiteys (you have to wear all white clothing on court at the BAC!). Julian (BAC pro) and I will also be playing an exhibition game during the event. Representing our fine establishment to successfully bring the Farris Cup back home (I am such the optimist!): Tom Fabbri – Sante Fratarcangeli – Robin Basil – Arnaud Mangin – Anthony Fracchia – Chris Van Tol – Matt Jarboe – Brien Baker – George Kordas – Eric Green – Peter Logan (captain) – John Rakolta – Kirk Haggarty – John Birgbauer – Bob Thibodeau – Bowden Brown – Peter Shumaker – Sandy MacDonald.

Hope to see as many of you as possible there!

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