Friday, December 7, 2012


Farris Cup. Sat, Jan 5 at the DAC ~~

The last two meetings of the Farris Cup have ended rather badly for the DAC team. There are many words to describe the defeats we have endured: “annihilation”; “slaughter”; “obliteration”; “extermination”… You may think that’s a slight exaggeration, but considering we have only won 6 matches and lost 24, it’s not far off. Will 2013 be any different?

The BAC has been turning out in force. For the first 6 meetings, the shoe was squarely and snug on our foot. We won 5 of them.  But since then, the BAC has ramped up the volume, hitched up the shiny white shorts, curled up the lip, and taken on the attitude to kick our tushies into the tombs of nothingness. And, quite frankly, they have.

The date is set for Saturday, January 5. Matches will be schedule to start at 9.15am at the DAC. Playing on our home courts is definitely an advantage and we need all the help we can get. Our team has been determined from the winners and finalists of the 2012 club championships. On paper, we look pretty solid. Obviously it will depend on the line-up from the BAC whether we can rise from the ashes. I encourage you to come on down and cheer on our team – I am sure the home crowd advantage wouldn’t go astray either.

At the completion of the matches, there will be a coat and tie luncheon for the players where we will have the presentation of the Farris Cup. If you would like to join us for lunch, please let me know. There is a $15 ++ cost.

The Farris Cup was created in honor of John C. Farris who passed away in 2004. He wasn’t just a member of both the DAC and BAC, he was a tenacious promoter and ambassador of the sport as well.

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