Thursday, December 27, 2012


DAC Squash Classic Feb 14-17

Yes, yes, if you are reading this, you can now enter the 2013 DAC Squash Classic. And, if you have no doubt that you want to play, do it immediately. Don’t wait. Last year, we reached registration capacity 10 days before the set deadline. I expect this year will not be any different. In fact it may fill up even quicker. Many hotel rooms have been reserved already, and I have received numerous requests about the tournament. The legend of this event is spreading.

By now, most of you know how this works. We offer 7 singles categories: 2.5; 3.0; 3.5; 4.0; 4.5; 5.0; 5.5 and 3 doubles categories: A; B; C. You are allowed to enter a maximum of 2 events, but do so at your own peril. Remember, entering 2 singles categories will get you at least 4 matches, and if you are (un)lucky enough to win a few of them you could be like a couple of players over the past years that play 10! Also, the DAC Classic is known for the socializing. Commonly the socializing hampers the ability of some to fulfill their 2 category obligation and forfeits are unwittingly awarded which leaves the opposing player with a bad taste in their mouth – something we absolutely would like to avoid.

So, if you do enter 2 categories, please do so with the knowledge that you are expected to play all of your matches. Even if it is scheduled for 8am Sunday…

Here are the most significant details that everybody must adhere to and accept when entering:

  • Maximum 32 players in any on singles category
  • Maximum 16 teams in any one doubles category
  • Any player entering the ‘A’ doubles is NOT permitted to play the ‘C’ doubles regardless of partner. In layman’s terms – no sandbagging.
  • Minimum 2 matches per singles draw
  • Minimum 1 match per doubles draw
  • Walkovers / forfeits count a match
  • Maximum 145 entries for the entire tournament.
  • Minimum age to enter the tournament is 13
  • All singles matches is PAR to 11 scoring
One more essential point – we do not have referees for the matches. Players are on their own. We expect that all players will be fair and conduct themselves accordingly in regards to interference situations on court. Any disagreement should result in a compromise. We have not used referees for 9 years – and we have had hardly any issues. Let’s keep it that way.

The popularity of the DAC Classic has also created the need to offer a ‘spouse’ rate. This rate is only for the spouse (or partner) of an entrant that will not be playing in the tournament but will be present for the weekend and wishes to join in on all the meals and the Saturday night dinner / dance. The rate will be $85. You will not find the item on the entry form, please just let me know when entering that your better half will be accompanying you.

Match times. Because of the limited amount of court space we have and the fact that we max it all out, you MUST make yourself available for the following times throughout the weekend. Once the first round times have been sent out, changes will not be made – it will be up to you to arrange your schedule accordingly:

For players in the Detroit area – including Ann Arbor, Lansing, Toledo, Windsor:

  • Thursday, February 14 between 4pm and 11pm
  • Friday, February 15 between 3pm and midnight
  • Saturday, February 16 between 8am and 8pm
  • Sunday, February 17 between 8am and 4pm 
For all other players:

  • Friday, February 15 between 3pm and midnight
  • Saturday, February 16 between 8am and 8pm
  • Sunday, February 17 between 8am and 4pm
If you are from London and you can play on Thursday, please let me know. This will help me avoid arranging first round matches with your fellow club members. (It may be unavoidable anyway, but it still helps.)

Finally, take a moment to read through the list below- it is because of these very generous members that the DAC Classic runs at the elite level it can. Without their support, we’d just be another tournament. Please thank them if / when you meet them at the event:

  • Skidmore Inc – Patrick Petz
  • Smith Barney – Sean Moran
  • Advanced Voice and Data Solutions – Anil Kathuria
  • Corbet, Shaw, Essad, Tucciarone, Bonasso – Bruce Shaw
  • SVS Vision – Ken Stann
  • Metropolitan Baking – George Kordas
  • AARO Companies – Tom Fabbri
  • Adlhoch and Associates – Scott Adlhoch
  • Outrigger Imaging – Joe Schaden 
As mentioned above – do not hesitate. If your category is full – or the tournament has reached capacity - you will be placed onto a waitlist. Entry will ONLY be accepted with payment. You can e-mail me, snail mail me, call me. On-line registration is not possible. We accept credit card, check. (Or member number for DAC members). If you need me to e-mail you an entry form, just ask! Registration deadline is February 1 (or until capacity has been reached – which is more likely).

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