Monday, December 17, 2012


Doubles 100 Tournament~~

… 98… 99… 100! Ah! Just completed my set of 100 sit-ups for the day. For some reason, the number ‘100’ is a popular benchmark. NFL running backs are considered to have good day if they rush for at least 100 yards, a lot of rankings come in ‘top 100…’, my wife won’t consider playing the lottery unless the prize is at least 100 million dollars (as if we couldn’t live on less). It seems that just because it is the first 3-digit number, it is far superior than 99. Oh poor, forgettable 99. Forever looked down upon as the underachiever.

… 98… 99 …100! That was my set of push-ups. Anyway, speaking of 100, it is your task to venture out and find yourself a doubles playing partner that together your ages will be at least 100 years old. Not 99, because it only has 2 digits, but 100. Then with your winning combination of experience and youthful exuberance, just let me know if you wish to play in the A or B category.

All matches will be best of 5 games, knock-out draw with no consolation. Each match will have a deadline for completion and it will be your task to get that match in within time given or risk a default. Be prepared to be flexible with your time and respect your fellow member’s schedules. There is a lot more court usage going on so you will need to contact each other early to make sure you can book the time you prefer. If you plan on being away for a couple of weeks between January and March, then my suggestion would be to sit this one out.

And please, when you enter, do so with a partner. Entering a doubles tournament as an individual doesn’t quite work. So start researching, and strive to reach the ‘100’ milestone. Entry deadline is Friday, January 4. The draws will be released on Tuesday, January 8. The winners of each category will receive a personalized shirt.

So, without further ado, back to my daily exercises. Now, chin-ups. 1… 2… 3…

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