Thursday, October 9, 2014


Boasters League round 2~~

Nothing like the endless sound of squash balls thwacking against the wall for hours on end to ease the mind. It was great to see the activity level last night, players lining up to get on court, lining up watching the matches and lining up to grab a beer!

Just about every team is doing well in the bonus point department so far, people are turning up in numbers. Still, even with the amount of play, there are still many matches to be completed for the first two rounds. “Butter Nutz” have extended their lead atop the standing to 10 points over “Space Geckos” and “Vivio’s”, but it is still too early to get overly excited about that.  The other teams are not that far back… hopefully everyone can keep up with Sante’s crew.

There were many matches to choose from that could be highlighted. The ones that raised my bushy eye-brows the most were… Ryan Bendzinski (“Butter Nutz”) taking 2 out of 3 games from Fred Fordon (“Space Geckos”). Ryan politely left me a message on my voice mail about the win expressing how tough a match it was! Chris Tipton (“Mongoose”) having to come back twice in 2 of the games against Nick Petcoff (“Nick at Night”) for his 2-1 victory, leaving Nick pondering all of the missed opportunities. Alan Howard (“The Nicker Ballers”) running himself and Shail Arora (“Foss Nation”) to exhaustion (which is tough to do with Shail!) as he was relieved with his 2-1 win; and Josh Slominski (“Space Geckos”) avenging a recent loss to Jordan Ellis (“Butter Nutz”) with a no doubt satisfying 2-1 triumph.

Liz McClure. Perfect form.
I will take this opportunity to mention that up to date the highest point getter in the entire league goes to none other than Liz McClure of the “Butter Nutz”. She is the only player to turn up both weeks, win 3-0, and attend the referee clinic that was held at the end of September. I am sure Sante is very proud.

Looking ahead to week 3, “Foss Nation” need to get their act together a little as they endure the ‘bye’ week. Currently 7th on the standings they are in real danger of slipping way off the radar as I’m sure the 8th and 9th teams will overtake easily unless make up matches are done. So play, play, play!

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