Thursday, October 23, 2014


Boasters League round 4~~

With “Butter Nutz” sitting this week out, somebody had to step up and take over. That somebody was team “Mongoose”. They not only completed the most matches this week (along with their opponents “The Nicker Ballers”), but they also picked up the most bonus points with 12. In fact, “Mongoose” have accumulated the most bonus points over all so far, which leaves one wondering what happened to the “Winky-Dinks” who usually lead that category every season.

Despite the bye week, “Butter Nutz” has remained in the top three of the standings, which in effect puts them in the driver’s seat. The other 3 teams in the top four all still have the ’rest’ week to come – “Vivio’s” have it for round 5 and will certainly lose their second position.

Interestingly, if the teams were ranked by average amount of points per round – taking into account who has had the bye week – “Butter Nutz” would be top with “Mongoose” second. “The Nicker Ballers” would then be third, “Foss Nation” fourth. In last place we would find “Nick at Night” and the “Winky-Dinks”. Should be a fascinating run to the half way mark of the season… which by the way is on December 3.

Although it didn’t feel like it, the courts were busy last night. A reasonable amount of matches were completed with a number of close results: Tom Fabbri (“Wardogs”) squeaked past Josh Slominski (“Space Geckos”) by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin 15-14, 15-13, 14-15. Josh said he played pretty well, but Tom’s length was very accurate and had him handcuffed in the back corners. While Tom and Josh were trading rails, next door Jay Poplawski (“Space Geckos”) couldn’t quite overcome the tenacious running efforts of Kevin Kennedy (“Wardogs”). Both players looked as if they just hopped out of the Jacuzzi, Kevin taking the 2-1 win.

John Roarty (“Vivio’s”) continued his good form from the box ladders and picked up his first win of the season after downing Jim Stroh (“Nick at Night”) 2-1; Jim Miller (“Winky-Dinks”) also scored his first victory handing Sam Fogleman (“Foss Nation”) his first loss 2-1; and Kelly Smythe (“The Nicker Ballers”) picked up the third game in her 1-2 loss to Brandon Linton (“Mongoose”).

After next week, we will be over the half-way mark of the first half of the season… still plenty of squash to be played, no team is by any means out of this and it may end up being the closest standings we have ever had. (I am forever hopeful!)

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