Thursday, October 30, 2014


Boasters League round 5~~

We are a tight-knit bunch, aren’t we? Even though “Mongoose” are still holding onto top spot, their lead shrunk from 15 points to just 11, and the teams chasing them decided to huddle together as close as possible. “Winky-Dinks” made the biggest leap from last week moving from 6th place into equal second, helped by a week’s best 12 bonus points. The “Space Geckos” and “Butter Nutz” kept pace nicely, but one must not forget that from the 4 top ranked teams, the “Butter Nutz” are the only one that have already had the bye week. In reality, they are well and truly going to be the team to beat for the first half.

Vivio’s” sat out this week and clearly suffered as they drop from second to sixth. Still, they are only 13 points off the second place – something that can be made up quickly and easily enough. “Foss Nation” and “Wardogs” and starting to fade a little, and once again, these two teams - who are last and second last – have so far accumulated the least amount of bonus points. But, if you average the bonus points picked up per week (taking into consideration the ‘bye’ week), “Butter Nutz” are collecting 11 points per week as a league’s best, with “Mongoose” second and Wardogs third, and the lowest average goes to “Nick at Night” with just 8.2. It might not sound like much, but over 8 playing weeks, it adds up. “Nick at Night” also have the bye this coming week and may see themselves fall down close to the cellar.

Competitive matches last night worth mentioning include: Mark Monaghan (“The Nicker Ballers”) took down not only himself as he turned heads with his loud diving attempts, but also Todd Baker (“Space Geckos”) 2-1. We can’t tell anymore which of Mark’s body scars are new, and which are old. Joe Paglino (“Butter Nutz”) managed to hustle past the crafty Drew Creamer (“Nick at Night”) with a tough 2-1 victory; George Kordas (“Nick at Night”) picked up his first win of the season with a 2-1 triumph over Ryan Bendzinski (“Butter Nutz”); and James Stuntz (“Winky-Dinks”) scored his second win with a 2-1 nail biter over Steve Murphy (“Wardogs”) – Steve’s first loss.

We are now just over 1 month away from the end of the first half. The deadline for completed matches is December 5. The standings are very tight; hopefully it will stay this way until the end! Bonus points may be the tie breaker… time to kick it into high gear!

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