Thursday, February 5, 2015


Boasters League round 5~~

Over the half way mark of the season, the “Winky-Dinks” and “Space Geckos” have surged ahead of the rest of the pack. A 19 point buffer between 2nd and 3rd is a considerable margin considering that there is only 18 points between 3rd and last spot. Keeping in mind that only the top 6 teams will advance to the play-offs, none of those teams should feel as if they in a safe position. A considerable push will need to be made to avoid elimination.

Space Geckos” picked up the most points this week with 27, “Butter Nutz” kept pace with 26, and if don’t count “Vivio’s” because they had the bye, “Foss Nation” and “Nick at Night” lagged behind the rest of the field with only 18. “Nick and Night” also now have the bye to sit through next week, so they may discover themselves on the outside of the final’s berth looking in by this time next week.

Considering the DAC Classic starts today, we had better participation for round 5 compared to the previous 2 weeks. Not awesome, but at least it’s an improvement. I would like to remind everybody that the Boasters League is a Wednesday night league – the expectation is that when you are scheduled, you make every effort to play on Wednesday. There is way too much rearranging happening and it detracts from what the league is all about – the camaraderie. It’s fun to hang out, play a competitive match and then socialize. Please keep that in mind. I know that some players are becoming increasingly frustrated at the constant refusal of others to play on the night designated for this purpose.

Noteworthy performances (amongst others!): Brendan Fossee (“Winky-Dinks”) managed to make Bob Rogers (“Wardogs”) rather anxious with his speed around the court. However, even though the pot couldn’t be any blacker, Bob still hustled his way to a 2-1 win. Imagine the cheek of somebody running the ball down all day, hey Bob? Liz McClure (“Butter Nutz”) held off the improving Lauren Kirchner (“Nick at Night”) for a close 2-1 victory and picked up her second win of the half. And staying with women power, Cathy Lysack (“The Nicker Ballers”) was rather pleased with her current form as she took her 4th consecutive win with a 2-1 score line over Jay Poplawski (“Space Geckos”).

So four weeks to go. Which team will step up? Everyone is certainly capable of making the top 6, but it will require some effort…

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