Thursday, February 26, 2015


Boasters League round 8~~

One would think so. “Space Geckos” have opened up a significant 27 point lead over the second placed “Winky-Dinks”. Significant because they will be sitting out the final round of the season but with such an advantage the earth would have to stop rotating in order for them not to finish in the top 2 and earn the first round finals bye.

It was a productive week for the “Space Geckos”. They scores a league’s best 36 points, 5 more than the next best effort which was from “Vivio’s” with 31. As it has been for the past few weeks, the more interesting competition is coming from the teams fighting for the last play-off spot. Currently on the outside looking in, in 7th position the “Wardogs” are only 3 points back of “Mongoose”, but did themselves zero favors this week picking up only 20 points – and rubbing salt into that wound, they only picked up a measly 4 bonus points yesterday. As Captain Obvious from would say, “you can’t score points if you don’t show up”.

Foss Nation” can be thrown under the same bus. Even though they picked up 7 bonus points, they again scored a league’s worst 19 points for the week. That’s only 1 more than “Winky-Dinks” who had the bye. Not that I would say they can kiss their finals hopes goodbye for the season, but making that 24 point gap to 6th appears an unlikely prospect.

Round 8 match highlights include: Anil Kathuria (“Mongoose”) taking a 2-1 victory over Jerry Rock (“Space Geckos”). Both players could not be more pleased with the match, (well, Jerry may have been a little more pleased if he had won!) compliments all around for the most enjoyable contest! John Hanley (“Mongoose”) picked up his second win of the half with a sturdy 2-1 win over Paul Fershee (“Space Geckos”); Becket Marum (“Vivio’s”) ran down a ball too many for Marty West (“Wardogs”) to take his 2-1 win and remain undefeated for the half; and in the rivalry match of the evening, Andy Adamo (“Foss Nation”) took on Captain Butter Nutz himself – Sante Fratarcangeli – and overcame Sante’s flash, his dash, and his tongue talking trash for a (no-doubt satisfying) 2-1 triumph and setting up many more bouts to come!

With one round to go, 7 days to get any and all matches completed, the teams ranked 3 and below should not be feeling comfortable at all. All are at risk of not making the finals and should be doing their utmost to avoid such a fate.

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